The Offer-focused Marketing Funnel

How we help businesses build a funnel that can automate your selling for you, while bringing a higher ROI, quicker!

Your Presenter:
Dan Boyce

What you're going to learn in this 30min presentation:

  • Why you may be noticing that 'The Ascension model' of offering content for free and nurturing users into your high-priced service may not be working as well as it used to:
    We used to do it too, but the ascension model is not working like it used to. The same goes for long webinars that spend the first hour teaching and hitting pain points before anyone finds out what is actually on offer. 
  • How we put our own skin in the game with you, and put our own money on the line that we can build an automated sales funnel for you that will be a cashflow positive campaign from month 1
    Why we're so confident in approach and our ability to help you create a sales funnel that can automate most of your selling for you, that we attach our fee to the profitability of the account, or offer to pay for your ads for you.
  • ​​Keys to creating a highly profitable offering that a cold audience will find a 'no-brainer'
    Many coaches can convert well from referrals, and can convert someone who has been following them for 12 months+, but often some tweaks are required to their offering to make it a 'no-brainer' decision for a cold audience who didn't know about you until the day they booked a call. When you get this right you start getting a yes on call #1 and payment straight away, rather than excuses why now isn't a good time ("but it sounds great and I'll definitely come back in a couple months").